The Troops of company “E”- July 2011 Interns

Earthship Interns July 2011

Interns July 2011


Celebrating our internship with Michael Reynolds

“E” is for Earthship “Sidewinder V” is for sustainable victory…yeah baby!

Nysu, Stuart and Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds speaks on Haiti project and the future of Earthship development


Michael and the interns


Earthships are built by people power – no prior building experience required

My fellow interns Chris, Nysu and Rick take a hard earned break

Americorp interns Amanda and Monique build bottle wall

After several weeks of Earthship building I have come to understand they are a robust, labour intensive building. To learn how to build you need to be energetic and have patience (with yourself) and be willing to learn by doing! From day one, interns are given a great deal of responsibility. We are shown how to do things and then asked to get to work. We learn by making mistakes, correcting and practice wether it comes to punding tires, building a bottle wall, cutting concrete board, forming lath to cover pipes or plastering a wall with adobe. As we work we go from being enthusiastic beginners to disgruntled beginners, to cautious intermediates (who get it right most times) to masters. Building an adobe wall is something we are all pretty darn good at now. Other things we are learning to do are create bottle art walls, do finish carpentry and lay flagstone floors. We have some good teacher/building crew supervisors – Seth, Phil, Rory, Lou and Ron to name a few. You will get a glimpse of them in the moving documentary “Garbage Warrior”. Power to the people!!!

Overnighting in an Earthship – Wow!

Human wellbeing is inextricably linked to a healthy eco-system. The Phoenix Earthship is a celebration of man´s ability to live in harmony with nature. Dining in the green house surrounded by banana trees, herbs, citrus trees, edible fish and sweetly warbeling parrots. Does life get better? Smiiiiiile!!! :-))”Me chillin in the backyard of Earthship Phoenix”]

Pledger Boys chow down


Kevin Pledger, Camille Pappé and Stuart Pledger communig with nature in the Phoenix greenhouse

It is Earthship Enchilada time!

Camille sizing up the ultra energy efficient kitchen

Shower anyone?


Phoenix housemate, Pepita the Parrot, poses sporting a wry grin

I´m coming up! …on cool, two wheel transportation here in Taos

Back in the day when I was 14 I got around Santa Fe on “Little blue” a honda 125 motorcycle. Thanks to the generosity of my Uncle Richard Pledger I am now the proud rider of a 500 cc “Blue Buel Blast” . It is practicle – and most important really fun to ride. Gets me around the Greater World Eartship community and the nearby town of Taos. Last weekend took a 2 hour road trip down the Rio Grande River Valley to Santa Fe to meet up with my brother and his friends to listen to some music and taste the local brew – Santa Fe Pale Ale. Even helped my bro Kevin replaster Camille Pappés kiva fireplace. Good times all around!

Brother Kevin and son Lane arriving at Earthship Greater World Community with my loaner motorcycle in towCrossing the Rio Grande on the way into Taos from Earthship HQThe road from Santa Fe to Taos - wide open spaces baby!


Tools on the Earthship Building site

A wheelbarrow is f

My fellow adventurers at the Earthship internship – Class of July 2011

Nice to see people from various ages and nationalities participating in the program now. Other radical sustainabilies ;-) I will be working side by side with folks from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Sweden ;-) , India as well as folks from all over the US.

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